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Fish Fajita


Contributed by:
Uttara Sahaym
Uttara Sahaym, USA

Fish Fajita


Veg Fajita - as prepared in earlier recipe
Tilapia fish fillet - 4
Cajun Spice Mix - 2 tsp
Salt - as required
Oil - 1 tbsp

Method of Preparation

1. Sprinkle and rub spice mix and salt uniformly onto the fillets.
2. Heat oil in a skillet (frying pan).
3. Put fish fillets in the skillet (frying pan) and cook/fry both sides.
4. Top the veg Fajita with cooked/fried fish and serve hot.

Notes & Tips

1. Best served on a hot sizzler plate.

2. If you do not have Cajun spice mix, you can use a masala mix of onion, garlic, black pepper, red pepper and thyme.