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Contributed by:
Shivani Sinha, London, UK
Shivani Sinha
London, UK



Milk - 1 Litre
White Vinegar - 2 tbsp
Sugar - 2.5 Cup
Rose essence - 2-3 drops

Method of Preparation

1. Heat milk in a vessel.
2. Mix the white vinegar in a spoon of water and keep ready.
3. When milk starts boiling, add 1/2 spoon vinegar-water mixture.
4. Keep flame on high and stir the milk continuously.
5. Add remaining mixture too, 1/2 spoon at a time.
6. When last dose of the vinegar-water mixture is added the milk will curdle completely
    to form very soft paneer.
7. Immediately take out from the heat and strain the water.
8. Run through the cold water so that vinegar smell and colour goes away.
9. Put it in a cloth and remove all excess water from paneer using this cloth.
10. Meanwhile, In a cooker, mix sugar and 6 cups of water and heat on high flame.
11. Knead the paneer to form soft dough. It takes around 2-5 minutes of effort to actually
     get the soft nice dough.
12. Prepare 10 small balls out of it.
13. By this time the sugar-water syrup will be boiling. Add the balls in it and boil for 5 minutes.
14. Put a lid on the cooker (without whistle) and boil for another 5 minutes.
15. Add 1/4 cup of water in the syrup and again boil for 5 minutes without lid.
16. Let the mixture cool down, do not keep a lid till it cools down.
17. Add rose essence and refrigerate it.

Notes & Tips

1. When the balls are added to the sugar syrup they should float otherwise they are not kneaded well.

2. Also knead the mixture when it is little warm only to get softer balls.