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Contributed by:
Radha Prasad
Radha Prasad, Housewife



Urad Dal (black gram dal) - 250 gm
Dalda (vanspati ghee)/Cooking Oil - 500 gm
Sugar - 500 gm

Method of Preparation

1. Soak bina chhilke waali urad dal in water for over 2 hours.
2. Wash and grind to fine paste.
3. Put the paste inside a thick cloth piece with a small hole.
4. Press a little to squeeze out the paste dropping directly into the hot oil in kedahi.
5. Move hands swiftly to give the shape of Imarti.
6. Fry till golden. Put immediately in one-string warm chasni (syrup).
7. Take out Imarti from the chasni after one minute.
8. If required, fried Imartis can be stored and refried at a later time before putting in chasni.

Notes & Tips

Birendra Prasad Gupta "Arvind" - 9931449152

This recipe was suggested and demonstrated by Mr.Birendra Prasad Gupta "Arvind" of Gaya who is a professional cook in Patna.