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Mughlai Paratha


Contributed by:
Madhubala Shrivastava
Madhubala Shrivastava, Housewife

Mughlai Paratha


Maida - 250 gm
Eggs - 6
Carrot - 200 gm (finely chopped)
French Beans - 200 gm (finely chopped)
Onion - 1 medium size (finely chopped)
Cumin seeds - 1 tsp
Black Pepper Powder - 2 tsp
Refined Oil - 1 cup
Salt to taste

Method of Preparation

1. Sieve maida, add salt and cumin and mix well.
2. Add and mix adequate amount of oil to make it hand mouldable.
3. Knead into a soft dough by sprinkling water occasionally.
4. Divide the dough in 4 parts and roll into large rotis.
5. Cook rotis over a non-stick frying pan using a little oil. Keep aside.
6. Heat 2 tbsp of oil in a kedahi.
7. Add onion and saute till transparent.
8. Add carrot and beans. Fry till done.
9. Add salt and 1 tsp black pepper powder and mix. Keep aside.
10. Beat eggs and mix salt and 1 tsp black pepper powder.
11. Heat a little oil in a frying pan or tawa and place a roti on it.
12. Pour beaten eggs sufficient to just cover the roti.
13. Cook till egg is set. Turn upside down and cook, sprinkling a little oil as required.
14. Turn again with egg-side up. Add vegetable mix on one-quarter portion of the roti.
15. Fold twice into triangular shape without displacing vegetables.
16. Sprinkle a little oil and cook to crispy paratha.
17. Repeat steps 11 to 16 with other rotis. Serve hot with sauce or chutney.

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