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Maal Pua

Contributed by:
Sudha Shrivastav
Sudha Shrivastava, Housewife


Maida - 2 cup
Milk - 500 ml
Dahi - 4 tbsp
Sugar - 2 cup
Refined oil for frying

Method of Preparation

1. Heat the sugar with one cup water in a kadahi to make Chasni (syrup) of "Ek Taar"
    consistency. Keep it aside. Boil milk on low fire and continue stirring till milk is
    transformed into rabri (condensed milk) of flowing consistency.
2. Mix maida, dahi and rabri together to make a mixture of thick pouring consistency. Leave it
    for 2 hours.
3. Heat oil in a flat bottom kadahi.
4. Pour a little mixture at a time with a big round spoon to make puas and shallow fry till
    golden brown.
5. Take out puas from the kadahi and place them on an absorbent paper to drain out excess
6. Dip puas in the syrup till they are fully soaked.
7. Take out puas from the syrup and arrange them in a plate. Put a little rabri on each pua
    and decorate with Kaju and Badam cut into flakes.

Notes & Tips

1. Pua is a popular dessert of Bihar and Jharkhand. It is traditionally made in almost all
    house-holds during Holi, Dussehra and Basant Panchami.
2. Puas can be eaten alone or with Aloo-Baigan Bhujiya or Kalezi Fry.