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Regional Bihar Association of North America, USA Bihar - Jharkhand Association of North America, USA Friends of Bihar and Jharkhand in Michigan, USA American Organization for the Development of Bihar Bihar Association of Canada Bihar Cultural Association of North America Bhojpuri Association of North America Bihar/Jharkhand Sabha Milan, Melbourne, Australia Online Maithili Community Portal Gateway to Mithila Gateway of young Maithils around the world Ethnic Art Foundation Kunjban : Traning Centre for Nagpuri Folk Music & Art, Ranchi Collection of Madhubani Paintings Antarrastriya Maithili Parishad Connecting Bhumihars World Wide Portal for Bhojpuri speaking people Sri Sri Chhath Mahaparva : The Festival of Bihar Guide to Bihar and beyond Bihar Social Networking Social Network for People of Bihar/Jharkhand Free website for Kurmi's Matrimonial services across the world 

Culture Puja, Havans and Pravachans of Mithila

Personal Dr.C.B.Choudhary's Blog A Portal for BITians, family and friends of Dr.P.R.Prasad

Miscellaneous Integrated Child Development Services Patna Legal Services, Patna

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