Is Sushasan Waning in Bihar?

By Dr P R Prasad


The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter
— Winston Churchill

The oppressed are allowed once every few years to decide which particular representatives of the oppressing class are to represent and repress them
— Karl Marx

Recently, BJP MP Uday Singh staged “Vedana Rally” in Purnia in which he questioned the “sushasan” (good governance) and development claims of ruling coalition in Bihar. He alleged that the corruption has become a buzz word in Bihar and the top leadership is surrounded by sycophants. With the rampant corruption, high handedness of the bureaucracy and rising poverty in Bihar today is not “sushasan”, it is “jungle raj”. He alleged that the development statistics were contrived and distorted. He also lamented that the government was funding cycle and dress schemes with the amount collected from tax on liquor shops opened in every village. The MP’s allegations came as a shock to the JD(U) and even his own party, the BJP.

Lalu Yadav is holding “Parivartan Rally” at different places trying to expose the massive rise of corruption and crime, and likens Nitish’s rule as “goonda raj”. A retired IAS officer has also criticised recently the claims of “sushasan” – the present bureaucracy in Bihar is the most corrupt one in the history of the state….How come the chief minister make tall claims about a government run by these corrupt bureaucrats?

Nitish Kumar is holding “Adhikar Rally” at different places to build pressure on central government and create awareness about his demand of “special status” for Bihar. In recent times, Nitish kumar has faced unexpected protests, shown black flags and thrown chappals and chairs in his rallies. Till recently, Nitish’s sushasan was receiving praise from one and all, even foreign countries. But what has changed now? Is sushasan waning or these protests are isolated incidents? OR is the sushasan merely a media hype? I don’t know. However, I am sharing two news videos below. I do not know to what extent the stories carried in these videos represent the truth, but definitely they are difficult to be believed especially in the backdrop of “sushasan”. I leave it to visitors of this blog to believe what they want to believe.

Nitish Kumar bans black colour in his rallies

The Myth of “Sushasan” (Good governance) in Bihar

One thought on “Is Sushasan Waning in Bihar?

  1. Press Council of India Chairman Justice Markandey Katju on 19th Oct critisized Nitish Kumar while speaking during a function in Patna. He remarked – “I am told that there has been no development in the state. Neither a single MW of electricity has been produced nor any new industry set up, or employment generated in the last seven years… And still a hype has been created about high growth rate in Bihar…. The Bihar CM has been living in illusion and not doing any introspection over things gone wrong… Law and order might well have improved during the first term of Nitish but it has deteriorated during his present term, inviting ire of people. His recent Adhikar Yatra trips were met with violence and black flag protests”. Earlier he had also commented – “press was not free under Nitish rule”.

    The ruling JD(U) has taken strong objection and said that Justice Katju should behave as the PCI chairman, and not make sweeping remarks like an Opposition leader. Similarly ruling BJP also said – “It’s amazing that in just four hours of stay, Katju seems to have understood everything about Bihar…his comments make it clear that he had some preconceived ideas about the state”. However, opposition RJD hailed it saying – “Katju’s comments make it clear that an Emergency-like situation is prevailing in Bihar.. democracy is being throttled and protestors suppressed”.

    Without naming Katju, Nitish Kumar said – “Bihar is witnessing rapid growth but some people are moving around the state like Ramayan’s character ‘Kalnemi’ to transform an environment of enthusiasm prevailing in the state into gloom … They appear from nowhere all of a sudden and return after giving sermon”.