Sir, Your Time Starts Now…

By Dr P R Prasad


Ajay Kumar Singh, Secretary, Higher and Technical Education, Govt of Jharkhand visits BIT Sindri campus on August 4, 2015 [Photographs courtesy: Sardar Harender Singh, Shadow Studio, Sindri]

Sri Ajay Kumar Singh, Secretary, Higher and Technical Education, Govt of Jharkhand reportedly visited BIT Sindri campus on August 4, 2015. This was first visit by any senior bureaucrat after Technical Education under Science and Technology Dept was shifted and merged with Higher Education Dept following Jharkhand cabinet decision. At this moment, it is not clear to me if this visit was at Govt’s own initiative or it was possible due to sustained and combined efforts of BIT Sindri Alumni Association and the BIT Sindri administration. In any case, it is a welcome development.

Sri Singh went round the campus and interacted with staff and students, and apprised himself about the prevailing conditions in BIT Sindri. He revealed the Govt’s plan of action to restore the past glory of BIT Sindri. As reported in the press and posted on facebook page of BITSAA, the proposed Govt’s action plan can be summarized in ten important points as given below:

1. CM is concerned about development and restoration of past glory of BIT Sindri
2. BIT Sindri will be fully transformed in three years time
3. BIT Sindri will be developed on the lines of IITs
4. IIT Kharagpur will be its mentor
5. There will be no dearth of fund
6. Govt ready to grant more financial autonomy
7. New buildings including hostels will be built at a cost of Rs 100 crore
8. All vacancies will be filled in six months time
9. Campus-wide wi-fi will be provided
10. Consultants will be engaged for student’s personality development

We are all very excited and eagerly look forward to sincere implementation of the Govt’s proposed plan of action. Mr Secretary Sir, it is probably for the first time that someone like you has come out with concrete plan. We BITians have very high hopes… Please do not disappoint us… Sir, Your Time Starts Now…

Mother of All Rallies – Nitish’s Adhikar Rally

By Dr P R Prasad


Mother of All Rallies – Nitish’s Adhikar Rally is being organized in Patna on 4th Nov to press the Central Govt for grant of special status to Bihar for its speedy economic development. It is expected that over a lakh people from all the corners of the state will participate in the rally. JD(U) leaders are leaving no stone unturned to make the rally successful. Over 10000 policemen have been deputed in Patna to maintain law and order.

It is reported that seven special trains, 15000 buses and several other four-wheelers have been pressed into service to carry the people. It is also reported that the expenses to be incurred in organizing the rally may run into several crores. Thousands of huge posters and hoardings have sprung up all over the state inviting people to join the rally. Some posters depict Nitish Kumar as  Arjuna and Sharad Yadav as Lord Krishna. Even photos of Munna Shukla and his JD(U) MLA wife Annu Shukla have been put alongside those of Nitish Kumar. Munna Shukla is ex-JD(U) MLA  accused in several criminal cases and is lodged in Muzzafarpur jail after being convicted for killing of Brij Bihari Prasad, the then science and technology minister in the Rabri Devi cabinet. Munna Shukla has also been accused of demanding extortion money of Rs.2 crore in the name of upcoming Adhikar rally. Police is reportedly investigating the extortion demand by Munna Shukla from the jail. In this connection, one warden and five policemen have been suspended. In an another incident, Munna Shukla while being taken out of the prison for production in a fast track court in connection with another murder case, distributed pamphlets and spoke to the people present in the court premises with folded hands urging them to attend the Patna rally. This has also led to the suspension of the sub-inspector of police and other constables accompanying him.

The rally is also likely to be webcast and there seems no doubt that the “Adhikar Rally” will be a grand success. However, criticisms from some corners cannot also be entirely ignored. “The Adhikar rally is being organized by the JD(U) as a political agenda of Nitish Kumar and he cannot get away for the failure of his government on all fronts by passing the buckon the Centre” – says Tariq Anwar. Lalu Prasad has slammed the ruling JD(U), saying it is using the rally as an ‘Adhikar’ or ‘right’ to extort money, even criminals like Munna Shukla and Anant Singh want ‘Adhikar’ to loot. Lalu has also accused the Nitish-led government of institutionalizing rangdari tax.

Well, whatever be the arguments and perceptions, it is disturbing to note that tainted politicians have come in the forefront demanding – अपना अधिकार लेके रहेंगे. I was recently watching a TV debate show on Munna Shukla’s poster with Nitish Kumar. I was surprised at the JD(U) and BJP representatives’ justifications and arguments. I am giving below three news videos below on this subject. You need to watch the second video with patience as it is a bit longer giving the entire TV debate I am referring to. Does it not create suspicion in the minds of the people about the true objective of the rally and the demand of special status to Bihar? Many people say that it is more of a show of strength of Nitish Kumar than the demand of special status.

Jailed former MLA Munna Shukla distributes pamphlets for Nitish’s Adhikar Rally

Nitish Kumar’s picture appears with Munna Shukla in Adhikar Rally poster

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar fighting to save his name and image from being ignominiously linked to former JD(U) MLA Munna Shukla